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At GSM, we're not just about business; we're about growth, trust, and partnership. Our mission is to provide all gadget businessmen with unbeatable pricing, unrivaled quality, and uncompromised service. With our roots in Hong Kong and branches stretching globally, we redefine gadget wholesaling by putting your needs at the forefront of every deal.

About Us

Redefining Wholesale Distribution

Founded in 2017, GSM began its journey with a keen eye on the pulse of the gadget market. Our founder, Nihal, envisioned a company that stands for more than just trading; we stand for building lasting partnerships. 

From our early days in print-on-demand phone cases to becoming a cornerstone in the wholesale consumer electronics trade, our path reflects our commitment to providing the best. 

Our membership in prestigious trade networks like is a testament to our reputation and dedication to your trust.


A Future-Ready Gadget Wholesaler

Globally Local

No matter where you are, GSM is your local wholesaler with global capabilities


We leverage strategic partnerships and smart sourcing to offer you prices that drive your growth.

Quality Assure

Every gadget we supply passes rigorous checks to ensure you get products you can trust.

Instant Order

With WhatsApp booking and seamless online communication, placing your order is just a click away.


A Glimpse into Our World